Tips for solo travelers to India in Summer

As I am writing these lines, this country 6 times bigger and 20 times more populated than France is my new home for the next few months. I wanted to experience something different and escape the winter of my country. I think I succeed in both, but I am not sure if I will survive the heat some time more 🙂

Anyways, Here I am writing some TIPS for solo travelers in India.

Tips for solo travelers to India in Summer


Maybe the most Important Advice, This doesn’t just mean guzzling water when you feel thirsty but drinking water on regular intervals and make it a habit to hydrate your body in crouching heat. Try to always keep a water bottle with you because you can’t drink tap water in India. It’s extremely unsafe because water is the best carrier of disease it’s an easy way to get sick. (It is also important to check the seal).

You will be able to fill your bottle with quality water on some distributor for only 5 rupees at some metro stations in Delhi.



Make the effort to learn some basics words in Hindi. Today a lot of Indian speaks English fluently but when you are traveling in a foreign country, you have to make an effort to communicate with people and that start with the language. You will be more integrated with the population and it can lead to funny moments.



Must try it, it’s too good. Don’t worry about the spicy taste; you will be used to it.

The cooking style varies from region to region and it’s divided into North and South Indian cuisine.

Spices are present in every dish, Indian people also love Sugar. “We will die cause of sugar” they told me.

You will find a big range of vegetarian food cause most of them are pure vegetarians.

You can eat like a king with almost nothing in your pocket. India is still very economical except big cities & big restaurants.

International food is a part of Indian society now, they discover American fast food a decade ago and make them on Indian way: means vegetarian and with spicy sauces.

Italian Pastas & Pizzas are widely famous you can see their outlets everywhere, it has reaches the common kitchens across the country.


Chinese food also turn “Indian”, the famous Momos (dumplings) are not steam anymore but fried.

Use your hands, its fun.

Do like Indian do and eat with your hands. But do it with the Right Hand. In India hands has a defined use. The right hand to be used for eating, shaking hands, give or receive something. The left hand is considered as “dirty”.



It’s better to be at home before 10 at night, I am pretty sure you don’t want to be in a bad situation. If you are a party monger, know that is better to go at the club with a group. Alone you are an easy target and can be the victim of unwanted.

But don’t be scared of people, it’s a country like any other one, there is bad but also good people. You know good & bad are everywhere in the world So don’t be afraid to give your trust to someone, they may surprise you in a good way.


When you think India, first thing that comes in your mind are the beautiful colorful Sari that Indian women wear.

A colorful lustrous 5 meters long cloth that Indian women wrap up every day with ease.

Do like them if you are a woman. First that give a good impression and it’s also more convenient for you.

Benefits of wearing Indian dresses – You will avoid some insistent glances (Indian society remains largely conservative) and protect your skin from the sun.






Travel at least once by train to experience the real India.

India railway network is huge. It’s cheap and convenient but also very busy.

There are different categories stemming from the average speed of the trains and class.




Remove your shoes and cover up your hair in temples.

Going barefoot in a temple is showing your devotion as well as a respect to this place & covering your hair is respecting the elders.


Know what the local will pay for things to avoid higher pricing.

Indian are the best negotiators so be ready to bargain. Its fun J it gives sense of winning sometimes.


Take selfies

Be ready to click plenty of selfies in a day by Indians . They love to click pictures with you, No matters where you are, cars, malls, parties, street, every place is good to take a selfie. If you are not photogenic or not a picture person you have picked the wrong destination


Be patient

Traffic jam is a thing here and you can do nothing about it so be patient it’s your holidays after all.


Try to appreciate honking noise.

Sorry, I have no advice about that, I am still learning to like it!


Come with an open mind.

And enjoy your stay, there is no country as India. I would say, INCREDIBLE INDIA !

Author: Marie Delamare              

A Tourism student & a Travel Blogger.

She loves to Explore the new places & meet people.

She is a keen learner, a Solo wanderer & a Story Teller.

Marie Loves Vegan Food & never hesitated trying different cuisines.

She been to Europe, Australia, Peru, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Indonesia etc.

She is a Native French who is also learning Spanish and Italian.

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